Next Circle Mingle February 22nd!

The Circle groups are currently being matched mainly at the monthly Circle Mingle at Luckan in Helsinki*. The mingle is for anyone who is interested in joining the Circle or just curious to meet new people. During the evening you will have the chance to meet new people, discuss a couple of given topics, and share your story with others. Participation is free, register to [email protected] or [email protected]
Participation in mingle doesn’t require participation in the Circle.
Welcome to Luckan in Helsinki (Simonkatu 8) on February 22nd at 5.30 pm!

*Unfortunately groups are formed only in Helsinki area at the moment. We hope to be able to match nationwide soon.

When you join forces with three people you’ve never met, the Circle is complete. The Circle meets up four times in the participants’ homes, helping one another with simple tasks. Maybe he could use some help with cooking, and she with organizing? Four hosts, four meet-ups, good times.


A circle is four people, all strangers to each other, who are brought together to do something good. The group meets four times, each time at the home of one of the members. The host of the day provides the team with a task, which can be anything from attic cleaning to zipper sewing (check guidelines).

Luckan staff is coordinating the groups, but only the four circle members are participating in the actual meet-ups. 


When signing up for the Circle, you may express requests regarding the group’s location or languages spoken. We take your requests into consideration when forming the groups.


Your Circle coordinator at Luckan helps the groups getting started, forms the groups, suggests a schedule for the meet-ups and does follow up. In the Circle all participants have the responsibility to contribute to a positive experience for all. In the Circle the same rules apply as always when visiting people; have respect for the host’s home and follow the rules that apply there. As a host, be clear with the rules in your home.

Remember that all participants have committed to only four meet-ups. If you do wish to contact any of the group members in other matters, please ask permission to do so. If you do find new friends through the Circle it certainly is a nice bonus, but no one should feel obligated to friendship or further contact after the programme.


Every host knows what he/she could use the best, but if you would need further suggestions, here are some:

Cooking / baking / organizing cupboards or storage / ironing and folding clothes / light cleaning / sewing / fixing-up around the house / crafts / watering plants / organizing restaurant day together / preparing for parties

Gardening / fixing fence / small paint jobs / organizing storage or garage

Grocery shopping / language practise / excursions / mushroom or berry picking / help with paperwork or homework  / going for a coffee


The age limit for participating is 18 years, but otherwise there are no restrictions for participating. You may live wherever and however. Having your own home is not a requirement and (apart from the fact that groups are more likely to form faster in a busy neighbourhood) your living area is as good as any other.


Join the Circle by filling in the application here. You will receive an e-mail when you have a spot in a group, and you may then decide if you accept the spot or choose to wait. The wait depends on how your requests match the others. Before the actual circle sets off, the group members meet up once to get to know each other and to get ideas on different activities. Circles formed in the capital region have their first meet-up at Luckan in Helsinki and groups in other parts of Finland are initiated locally. Together we set a preliminary schedule, that the group may adjust if needed.


All Circle members commit to four meetings of approximately 2-3 hours, each time at the home of one of the members. To ensure fairness, it is important that everyone participates in all four meet-ups. After this the group may continue meeting, and, if needed, Luckan staff can help finding participants to complete groups. The Circle is a sum of all its members, and the experience is just as positive, friendly, helpful and exciting as You make of it.


We recommend meet-ups of 2-3 hours each, with one or two weeks apart. On the initial meeting at Luckan, the group will set time and place for the four meet-ups and try to stick to the plan, as it can be tricky to find new dates suitable for everyone on short notice.

When you choose the activity for your day, here are some free tips:

  • You do not have to welcome people into your home, if you don’t want to. There are plenty of things to do outdoors or in public places, too.
  • Choose tasks that you can do together in a group or in the same space. That way you can concentrate on the most important; spending time together.
  • Safety first. Offer activities that everyone can carry out regardless of experience.
  • Avoid physically challenging, distasteful or very private chores. Consider what you would be willing to do in someone else’s home.
  • Prepare the work thoroughly. Make sure everyone has a job and that everyone can feel useful.
  • You are very welcome to offer your guests a snack.
  • Be open to different activities. For someone the greatest help can be sitting in a cosy cafeteria practising a language, whereas someone else needs help with the storage. It is not a competition on who offers the nicest activity, so do choose something that really makes sense for you.


Fill in the form to sign up for the Circle. The registration is free and non-binding. You can make your final decision once we contact you.



Phone number*

Your age*


I want to host the Circle in*
Let us know where you would like to host the group. For example: "At my home in Leppävaara." Or "In a public place in Helsinki centre." It is not mandatory to invite the group to your home.

I want to participate in*
Let us know in which area you are interested to join the Circle. For example: "Anywhere in Espoo and Helsinki, possibly even Kirkkonummi" or "Only Porvoo".

Languages I want to use in the Circle*

Want to tell us more (the more information we have, the easier it is to find a good match for you)?
What could you use help with? What kind of chores do you like? Would you rather do something outdoors? Do you want to participate with kids and other parents? Do you prefer participants your own age?

Got questions? Ask [email protected]

The Circle is a part of Frendi, a project funded by EU’s national Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and coordinated by Föreningen Luckan r.f. The project wants to support mutual integration, and it continues
until the 31.12.2017.

Graphic design ”The Circle”: Linn Henrichson

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